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“I could say things with colour and shape that I couldn’t’ say any other way – things I had no words for.”
– Margaret Naumburg

Are you an NDIS client who is either self-managed or plan-managed looking for art therapy services?

I can work with you to identify your unique personal goals that help you to achieve the quality of life you are aspiring for. 

Transpersonal art therapy integrates a holistic model of care. It recognises the importance of relational, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of a person. 

What are the benefits of Transpersonal Art Therapy?

  • Improved creativity
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Increased sense of self-esteem and confidence
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Enhanced mind-body connection
  • Development of life-long coping skills
  • Identification of personal resources and needs
  • Increased sense of meaning and purpose
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduced feelings of depression

What can I expect?

Before the first session you will be required to fill in an intake form and from there we will discuss your goals and what you want to achieve out of our time together. I will then devise a program tailored to you and your needs.

Transpersonal art therapy is very similar to traditional counselling but also incorporates art making. In a typical session there will be a guided meditation to clear away the busyness of the mind. Following meditation, you will be encouraged to express yourself in whatever way feels right to you. I will give you a few minutes in silence, or with music, to create quietly. Once you’re done, we will discuss your creation together. Each session is tailored to you so if you don’t want to do meditation, we can leave it out.

The basis of this type of this therapy is built on trust, respect and empathy. Each session will be guided by a theme that works towards the goals you’ve set at the start of the sessions. It’s important to know that I will not be diagnosing or “fixing” you. I am there to help facilitate the process of your own growing self-awareness, insight, and healing. I’ll be your co-pilot, so to speak, but ultimately, you are the guide.

Is Transpersonal Art Therapy for me?

The most common misconceptions about art therapy are that you either need to be an artist or a child to benefit. The truth is you don’t need any specific art skills to benefit from art therapy, nor do you need to be in a certain age group. Everyone can benefit from art therapy; no matter your background, age, or current life situation.

Everyone has the potential for creativity within them. To be creative means to simple develop something that was not there before. Whether it’s a dance performance, poetry, a meal, a film, or a painting – we all have the capacity to create. Creativity is a part of being human. As human beings we have used art as a medium to communicate stories, ideas and significant events throughout our existence. It comes before even language, and it is a language of its own.

There is no right or wrong way of expressing yourself. The image you create in a session is valued for what it communicates rather than for what it looks like. The meaning of your artwork will be discussed in a collaborative approach. Through exploring what you have created, you may feel powerful feelings and attain new insights.

Every session is tailed to your individual needs to support you in achieving your NDIS goals. Sessions are client led which means that art is introduced gently when you feel ready.

How much does it cost?

NDIS appointments range from $120-140 depending on if you want online, or in person.

Where are you Located?

I run art therapy session either at home in Cremorne (Sydney, NSW), at the client’s residence, or online sessions via Zoom.

If you have accessibility requirements or other needs, please let me know prior to your first appointment.

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