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“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

Duration & Price

A one on one offers you a chance to go deeper in your healing journey. A session runs for 1 hour at $120. Sessions can be either in person (Cremorne) or online via Zoom.

What to Expect

It’s important to note that I will not be diagnosing or “fixing” you. You are not broken. I am here to help facilitate the process of your own inner healing. I’ll be your co-pilot, so to speak, but ultimately, you are the guide.

As much as society may tell us otherwise, we are powerful beings and we know what’s best for us. Sometimes, our inner compass gets clouded or lost along the way. I’m here to help you find that again. Transpersonal art therapy can be a very empowering process that works to tap you into your inner strength and resilience.

A typical session begins with a meditation to clear away the busyness of the mind and ground to the moment. Following the meditation, you will be guided to express yourself through shapes, symbols and colours that flow forth from the drawing materials. There is no right or wrong way and you certainly don’t need to be an artist to do art therapy. I will give you a few minutes in silence, or with music, to draw quietly. Once you’re done, we will discuss the process art-making and the artwork together. 

Book an Appointment

If would like to book a session with me or want more information, you can fill in the form below and I will get in touch with you.

You can also book in a free 15 minutes call to ask me questions and get a feel for who I am. These calls are done via phone or Zoom. If you want to know more about me you can also take a look at my ‘About Me‘ page.

I look forward to meeting you!