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A nurturing and friendly space to freely create a visual representation of your inner world.

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A chance to connect genuinely to a community of like-minded others.

What To Expect

Group sessions run for anywhere between 75-90 minutes depending on how many people participate. The classes are capped at 12 people max to ensure it remains intimate enough and everyone has a chance to share what came up for them. Sharing our insights is important because it allows every person to feel seen and heard. It also allows us to learn from each other.

Each group session focuses on a range of different themes (seasonal changes, grief, self-love, etc). They involve creative prompts, guided meditation, and of course, group sharing. The intention behind these groups is to facilitate healing, encourage a sense of community and develop genuine connection with others. The world can be a lonely place, these workshops work to alleviate that. You do not need to arrive in these sessions in any specific way to be accepted, you are accepted exactly as you are.

You also do not need to be an artist to participate. All creative minds are welcome (Hint: even if you think you aren’t creative, you are. All human beings are creative!)

Upcoming Workshops

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