Closing Time

Life is a series of chapter | Art therapy with kimberly | kimberly hetherington

Life is a series of chapters that each play a part in our life story.

This gives me the strength to focus on what is here now, even if it’s not quite what I wanted. One of my favourite lines is from the song ‘Closing Time’ by Semisonic that says, ‘every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.’ Whenever I hear that song it hurts because it makes me aware of how fragile and ever-changing life is. It also fills me with gratitude for all that I currently have knowing that it will all end.

We all know the feeling of a door being slammed shut without any warning. One chapter ends abruptly and we’re left standing there in shock. In those moments we can either try to break the door down or move on. Sometimes we end up spending the entire next chapter trying to get back to the previous one. Even if we are desperate enough to break our way in, it’s never the same. Life moves forward like a raging river. It’s series of letting go and starting again until the end of time. It’s watching people leave our lives to make room for others. It’s letting go of our youth and exchanging for wisdom. It’s witnessing our body, mind and health change before our eyes every passing day.

Sometimes the lines between chapters can get muddled. The end of one thing and the start of another can be unclear. Perhaps because the changes are minor, or because we just didn’t give it any thought. What if we marked the end of a chapter with a small ritual? For example, reflecting on what has been and journaling on all that it taught us. Making a conscious choice to let go and embrace the unknown territory that lies ahead.

I’m going through my own changes right now which happen to follow alongside the transition into a new season. Summer fades to autumn and winter looms ahead. Another door gently closed shut, a new chapter waiting to begin. It’s comforting when my own personal changes follow along with mother nature’s. I watch as she surrenders to the changing seasons so easily and try to do the same myself. Winter tends to be a hard season for me. The lack of warmth and light gets me down. It’s hard to embrace.

But I’ve created my own little ritual for the end of this particular chapter. I’ve said my goodbyes to the previous chapter in quiet contemplation during walks in nature. I welcome the new, uncertain future by embracing the cold nights cuddling a hot water-bottle. I acknowledge that winter is a time for renewal and recharging. The moth before it becomes a butterfly. I allow myself to be open to the teachings this new chapter brings.

Onwards and upwards to what’s ahead. I’ll be here and fully present for it.


  1. I love this post — but I did a double take when you wrote about autumn turning into winter. I forgot you were in the southern hemisphere! I’m in the north, but I feel the same way about summer you do about winter. Your writing always strikes a sympathetic chord.

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