Shipwreck Beach

Ship wreck beach, Jamaica | Life After Elizabeth

We’re all in our little red Honda, driving on a windy road along a deserted beach in Kingston, Jamaica.

The sun is blazing and all the windows are down. My hair is flapping wildly around my face. I look over at the beach as we ride around the corner, the waves are crashing just a few meters from the car.

My mum is driving, my sister is in the passenger seat and I’m in the back with my best friend. My mum is blaring the song, ‘I love you always forever’ by Donna Lewis. All of us are singing along.

“Out of the stillness
Soft spoken words
Say it, say it again…

We listened to this song so many times, we all know the lyrics by heart. Or at least our version of them. There was a line in that song we all seemed to mix up, and we’d always laugh thinking “I’m pretty sure that’s not the lyrics but oh well.” It didn’t matter anyway.

What mattered was that amazing feeling of being connected through a song, driving on a deserted highway under the Jamaican sun, laughing, singing and being with my mum and my sister and my best friend. Nothing in the world mattered more at that moment.

Whenever I listen to that song today, I can close my eyes and feel the motion of the car, the wind in my hair and this intense swell of love.

“I love you always forever…”

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