Grounding exercise

simple grounding exercise

I think I finally understand what feeling “grounded” actually means.

My spiritual friends always talk about feeling grounded and I never asked what it meant, but I think I get it. For me, feeling grounded is being connected to my ‘true’ self and being fully engaged in the present moment.

Metaphorically, it’s like my mind is an engine which is often hot from overuse. This engine is powered by overthinking causing it to lift off the ground and fly around like a drone. The moment when my overheated brain is brought back down to the earth is when I feel grounded. These moments give it a chance to cool down before inevitably being picked back up in some overthinking hailstorm.

I found this really helpful exercise that instantly pulls me back to the ground. It’s simple, easy and can be done anywhere.

Look around and describe to yourself:

5 things that you can see

(My cat mug, cell phone, candle, half finished painting, counselling textbook)

4 things you can touch or feel

(Socks on my feet, the tips of my fingernails, my elbows on the edge of the table, my housecoat wrapped tightly at my waist)

3 things you can hear

(The cars outside my window, Mat playing on the computer in the next room, the sound of my fingers on the keyboard)

2 things you can smell

(My liquorice tea and clean laundry hanging beside me)

1 thing you can taste

(delicious liquorice tea)


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