You are a different person to everyone you meet

perception of ourselves and how others see us | Kimberly Hetherington | Art Therapy with Kimberly

Isn’t it strange that the person you are to yourself is different to what everyone else thinks of you are?

We create and design ourselves through social media. We can make ourselves appear in a way that is completely different than reality.

We have a perceived self created by those we know in real life, through social media, or even pass in the street. Everyone you meet has a different idea of who you are.

There are literally hundreds of versions of yourself floating around in other people’s heads and cellphones. Yet none of them are the same as who you really are or who you perceive yourself to be.

Your view of yourself is not based on truth, it is entirely subjective. The translation of yourself is never 100% handed over to another, it’s based on their subjective experience. The way we come across to others can trigger old memories from their past, good or bad, leaving us blind as to how we come across.

All of us build on our past experiences to create perceptions of each other.

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  1. Very true. In ref to my own self, I am always flabbergasted when someone speaks of me in terms of “wise, good or such “things”” – to me I am the very opposite…sadly. And yet I too when talking with others find that they often feel the same when I use such terms in ref to them. I suspect then that we all may know just how rotten we are and work hard to make sure no one finds out.

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