Head in the sky

Cloud appreciation society | Kimberly Hetherington | Art Therapy with Kimberly

I love clouds…

They always bring out a sense of wonderment and calm. Those big cumulonimbus clouds make me want to curl up in them and take a nap like in those Philadelphia cream cheese commercials.

I love watching them blob and form and tumble over each other. They are like a reflection of ourselves. On the good days they’re calm and contained, on the bad days they rumble and scream in a thunderous rage. I appreciate their genuine honesty about their feelings. They do not hide; they are vulnerable and strong and incredibly beautiful.

I understand and sympathise with clouds. A thunderstorm is cleansing to me. I love the feeling of intensity in the air before it rains, especially in the summertime. Sometimes the energy in the air is so tightly wound it feels like a live wire. Its like you could lit a single match and it would cause the entire sky to light on fire. I love that feeling so much.

Clouds help me to regain focus. When I’m stressed and anxious, I look up and remember that I am a part of something bigger. They’re a soothing voice that tell me to take a deep breath, be calm, this too shall pass.

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