Rainy days

Rainy days | Kimberly Hetherington

I just love rainy days.

I’m sure if I was living in Vancouver I’d have a very different opinion.

But I happen to be living in sunny and beautiful Sydney, where the sun shines almost every day of the year. A rainy day is a rarity here. So when the clouds billow heavy and grey overhead, I get excited to run home and revel in guilt-free laziness. There’s something so special about finally getting a rest from the blazing sun and curling up inside, away from the world.

Sydney is an extroverted city. The energy is dispersed thinly across its miles of white sandy beaches and outdoor patios. Cold countries and rainy cities force you to find refuge behind closed doors. The upside of this is the loving feeling of energy squeezed tightly together in small places. When the streets feel desolate and empty, people are gathered by the fire in lively homes or in overflowing cheerful pubs. That kind of energy feels thick and almost palpable.

It’s wonderful to feel Sydney’s introverted side. I see her as a young woman in her early 20’s, still unsure of herself. She’s absolutely stunning but insecure and superficial. A rainy day, especially in winter, is the only time we see her become contemplative and serious. It’s as if she’s almost apologising for her moody behaviour and I’m just grateful to see this side of her. She’s beautiful like this.

I’m currently writing this from our office that overlooks the street in front of our place. We’ve just ordered Indian food and have decided to watch the movie, “The Darkest Hour”. Mat is stretched out in the bedroom, watching some French TV show that I can only hear mumbles of. I take moments to stop and look out at the window at the rain falling gently outside. The soothing sound as it drops softly to the pavement below makes my soul feel at peace.

It’s so wonderful to feel like there is nowhere better to be than where I am right now.



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