Chilly winter mornings

Winter mornings, June in Australia | Kimberly Hetherington | Art Therapy with Kimberly

It’s odd to experience winter in the middle of June. It will always be a month I cannot help but associate with warmth and summer.

Before leaving for work this morning I wrapped my scarf around my neck, slipped my mittens in my pocket and grabbed my umbrella.

I stood at the front door, peering out at the drizzly weather and dismissed the strong desire to return to my cozy bed.

As I walked up my street, umbrella in hand, I looked up at the tropical palm trees swaying in the wind. I stared at them for a moment and thought how weird it is to be wearing a winter jacket and hands covered in mittens, but with the backdrop of palm trees and beaches. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that.

It feels like the Christmas season is beginning, minus it actually being Christmas. I feel a strange urge to listen to Christmas music, or see the colorful Christmas lights all over the city and feel that cheerful spirit in the air. I watch the city from the high-rise building I work from and imagine seeing sheets of snow instead of rain. The thought of snow makes me feel playful and giddy. It reminds me of that time of year in Canada before the first real snowfall hits. We all wait and patiently for it, hoping it will make it in time for Christmas. When the snow finally does come, it feels like a winter wonderland, the snow blankets the city to silence. It’s incredibly serene and peaceful.

But it’s actually June, and Christmas, as well as snow, is a long way away.

So while my Canadian friends fill my Facebook newsfeed with photos of them smiling in the summer sun, or swimming in clear water lakes, I sip my eighth cup of tea and hug my hot water-bottle closely.

I have to admit though, I do love to see this side of Sydney. It’s the more introverted, moody side. I like the feeling of my warm coat squeezed around my waist and walking through the crisp air wearing my incredibly comfortable hiking boots. I like these cozy nights that bring people together; the warm soups, hot teas and guilt-free lazy days.

\Jackie  | Kimberly Hetherington | Art Therapy with Kimberly

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