Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia | Art Therapy with Kimberly

We kicked off Christmas Day by opening gifts at a friend’s house then wandering down to Bondi beach. We then took a cab and hung out in Coogee beach where it felt more like raving Spring Break party with Santa hats on.

It was the most untraditional Christmas I have ever had. In Australia the Christmas spirit is far more settle and laissez fair. It’s not all-consuming like it is in Canada or the United States. Last minute Christmas shopping is done in a casual stroll, wiping sweat off your forehead and wearing flip-flops (or thongs as they say). Dangerous bushfire warnings have replaced snowstorm updates, barbecued prawns and salad are served instead of turkey and stuffing and apparently Santa Claus surfs. It feels unnatural to associate Christmastime with Summertime. I’ve had my fair share of warm Christmas’s but to experience it around people who share my culture was really unusual. I’m not a fan of winter by any means, but Christmas isn’t Christmas if it’s in summer!


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