Old South Head Road

my home on Old South Head Road | Art Therapy with Kimberly

This is the view just outside my apartment. I walk it every day to catch the train to work. I decided to take a picture this morning because I never want to forget it.

I love those palm trees and watching the same little boy run by me every morning with his Spiderman lunch box in hand. I love how the sky starts out as crystal blue then slowly fills in with puffs of clouds throughout the day. I love the walk home when I get to see the sky lit up in orange and pink sunsets that dissolve into darkness and become filled with hundreds of bats flying peacefully above. It’s surprisingly relaxing to watch them.

I’m starting to carve out a life here. I have a group of friends, a pricey but perfect apartment and finally – a job. I don’t get lost as often in the subways and I am starting to develop my little routine.

It’s all temporary. Some of my current friend’s visas are up soon, my work is a three-month contract and this apartment is short-term. I have no idea what my world will look like six months down the road. It’s a bundle of opposing feelings of uncertainty and excitement.

And it’s exactly where I needed to be.

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