First month in Sydney

11 Tips for the Working Holiday Visa in Australia | Art Therapy with Kimberly

It’s officially been one month living in the land down under, these are my updates so far:

  • I spent the first 2 weeks in a hostel with nine other travellers in one room. I finally moved into a beautiful little apartment with an amazing view of the city. It’s just beside Bondi Junction and a twenty minute walk from Bondi Beach. I have my very own bedroom and my bed is the most comfiest bed I’ve ever laid in. It ’s like sleeping on a cloud.
  • I overcame my addiction to coffee for no other reason than it was too expensive. A cup of coffee (sometimes they actually do bowls of coffee here which is outrageous) can be about 4-5 bucks for the most basic coffee you could imagine. Starbucks is actually not a complete rip-off here, I never thought I would say that. I didn’t eliminate caffeine entirely because that’s just insane, I replaced it with tea.
  • I have applied to hundreds of jobs and been to a few job interviews. I did get a job with a marketing agency but this may just fall through so instead of telling you more about it and jinxing it, I’ll leave for now. More to come on this one.
  • I finally met my housemate’s boyfriend, Geoff. Lisa (my housemate) is an engineer at a company called Arup that actually helped to develop the Sydney Opera House! Geoff is a police officer, farmer and yoga guru.
  • I have no wifi at my apartment (downer!) but its certainly making me question how much time is necessary to spend online. A lot of time I spend online is scrolling through Facebook and clicking on videos of puppies swimming or whatever. But the majority of my time spent online is scrolling through tumblr and gaining inspiration. It’s therapeutic to me. It’s hard to let go of tumblr but I’ve replaced it with constant walks to Bondi beach, I think I can live.
  • The only thing I have noticed that’s different about the Australians is that they say, “no worries” to pretty much anything. I guess its the Canadian version of “I’m sorry.” They also say “how ya’ going?” and call McDonalds “Maccas.”
  • Things are crazy expensive but I guess it has to be because this city is absolutely breathtaking and if it were cheaper everyone would be living here.
  • I made three friends: Rob, Mike and Josh. Free spirited Rob was my roommate at the hostel and is traveling around the world on his motorcycle. Mike is a laid back guy from Florida and somehow knows everything going on in the city which is great for me! Josh is an Australian/Hong Konger born and raised in Sydney. We met at a freelancers meeting pretty much the first week I got here and we’ve been friends ever since!
  • The weather is finally starting to warm up, I still find it weird to associate this time of year with spring rather than autumn.
  • Thanks to my roommates I like cottage cheese and oysters now. Well I’m not sure if I’d say I like oysters but I don’t classify them as disgusting.

That’s pretty much it for updates. It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month. I’m still settling in and trying to build a life here but obviously it’s a bit tough to start from scratch. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

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  1. Loving reading about your adventures Kimbo – it keeps my travel bug alive and buzzing. Good luck with the job hunt! I have a good friend from Sydney who goes to Bondi quite a bit and he is an avid world traveler. I met him in Bangkok 3 years ago and is one of the nicest guys I know! If you’re interested in meeting him, maybe you can pick his brains for connections/job opportunities in the area and fun things going on?? Let me know! ❤

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