Happy Father’s Day

happy father's day | Art Therapy with Kimberly

One hot summer day in Ottawa my dad was passing a costume store and thought of a great idea.

He and my mum told us that a pack of wild, ferocious gorillas broke out of the zoo. My sister and I were absolutely terrified by the news, asking “what happened?! Where are they now?!” They both casually shrugged and said things like “I don’t know, I just hope to god they don’t head this way, they are incredibly dangerous animals…”

My dad then snuck away, put on his gorilla suit and moments later my mum yelled, “Kimberly! Elizabeth! Come here quick! An escaped gorilla is running around the backyard!” My sister and I leapt to the window and stared in horror, then laughed hysterically when we realized it was just weirdo Dad running in circles and ran outside to play with him.

My Dad also rented a chicken suit so Elizabeth dressed in the chicken suit, I put on the gorilla one and we ran around up and down the front lawn, doing cartwheels and falling dramatically. I remember seeing cars slowly drive by, staring at us in awe and bewilderment.

This is a perfect example of the amazing, spontaneous and peculiar Dad I have. The kind of dad that stayed up until the sun came up to build us a Barbie boat for Christmas, who would check us all in at the airport then drive back to pick us up just so we could sleep a little longer, who would never yell at me and my stupidity but simply shake his head in his disapproval which would result in me crying in a puddle of shame and guilt on the floor, who falls asleep with the channel changer in his hand and refuses to let you change it even though he’s clearly asleep. Thank you for being the best dad I could ever ask for. I look up to the adventurous, intelligent, kind hearted person you are with utmost respect and admiration.

I love you dad, Happy Father’s Day. (Elizabeth would back me up on this one too.)

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