Rest in Peace Grandma Mary Rose

Rest in Peace Grandma Mary Rose | Art Therapy with Kimberly

Yesterday, on February 28th my Grandmother died. She was 94.

She entered the hospital a few days ago with many complications. She was reluctant to go to the hospital because she feared she’d never be allowed out, and sadly, she was right. At the hospital she received a blood transfusion and a dose of antibiotics. Her condition improved so drastically we all figured she would be able to return home. However, her state quickly worsened and she became uncooperative to treatment, saying she wanted to be “set free.” She is a deeply religious person and explained that she was happy to soon be reunited with Elizabeth in heaven. She was ready to leave.

Although it’s always sad when someone you love dies, my grandmother lived a long, full life with tons of friends and an active lifestyle. She never had to endure the pain of any longterm illness or disease. She remained independent and in control of her life. She had a full social agenda and attended church regularly. She died a natural death, fully believing that she would soon be in heaven with my sister. They had a strong relationship. My sister would often write her long letters, she was so sweet and thoughtful about that.

We all die, our time on earth is limited. Although I am sad that I will no longer see my grandmother when I go home to Vancouver, I am grateful for the pain-free way her life ended. My grandmother left this world, the way my sister should have too, with many years under her belt.

Rest in peace Grandma Mary Rose, say hi to Elizabeth for me.


  1. beautiful words Kimberly. Looking forward to being together with everyone very soon.
    Uncle Doug

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