The deadliness of the mind

A Deadly Mind | Art Therapy with Kimberly

It seems celebrities who die of an overdose receive so much publicity and hysterics from the public, yet when a regular person dies of similar causes it goes unfazed.

I think these kinds of tragic stories shed light on real core issues that would otherwise slip under the radar. A sort of example set, a reminder of how many people are facing these same circumstances, but only the famous ones bring it to attention. 

Starvation, isolation and basic survival were the major problems for humans many years ago but with advancements and major changes in society the problems we face have also changed according to our new surroundings. Our mind can be just as vicious and deadly as having no food or facing disease. Issues related to depression and addiction aren’t given as much empathy as a starving child in Africa. But these are different issues, with totally different contexts and factors at play. There’s no way to compare the pain that either is going through, it’s just easier to point a finger and shame the one who has the money and means to eat, yet chooses the drug.

Depression, addiction and severe loneliness take on an invisible cloak. Without empathy or an in-depth understanding we may, thoughtlessly, disregard these as ‘real’ problems.

But how can you compare one’s pain without climbing into their body and going into their mind?

How can you say which one suffering more?

A perfect example is of Amy Winehouse. She was so talented but she didn’t seem to realize how brilliant she was. I find that this is so common in creative minds. They seem to be tortured by depression, loneliness and/or addiction. It doesn’t leave much room for happiness and joy, or even the ability to see yourself in the right light.

“My greatest fear is dying without anyone knowing of any contribution I made to create music, but thats cool ‘cuz I already made an album that i’m so proud of. That if I died tomorrow…knock on wood… i’d still feel fulfilled.”

I’m glad she achieved what she set out to do, her life may have ended too soon but she made the most of her life while she was still here.

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