Falling in love with Kep, Cambodia

Here are some pictures taken in the seaside town called Kep, Cambodia.

I tell you about this town with a tinge of regret because I really don’t want it to be trampling with tourists and 5 star resorts. I want it to stay the way it is. But I can’t help myself, the place is amazing. Let’s keep it between us, okay?

Kep is the epitome of relaxation. Everything moves at a slow pace. No one is in a hurry, no one has anywhere in particular to be. There are hammocks everywhere and a few local Cambodians sitting together picnicking, talking and laughing. It’s quiet and peaceful, there is no wifi or internet cafes. The power cut out for the entire day and when I ordered a mango shake the waitress simply said, “sorry no power, you want mango cut up instead?”. I smiled and agreed. Not many places in the world would you hear “no power” as an excuse.

There is a long stretch of pavement trimmed along the turquoise shore that reminds me of a place where you’d find Hunter S. Thompson screaming by on a motorbike with cigarette in his mouth finding the inspiration for his latest book. It felt it strange to witness a world so drastically different from the technology obsessed, concrete jungle of Beijing. To see a place that hasn’t been impacted much by the increasingly globalized world is truly a breath of fresh air. A place that is truly disconnected, and just fine that way.

If you ever find yourself exploring the beautiful country of Cambodia, I highly recommend checking this place out. Be prepared for the stress to melt off of you like hot butter.

ps. I think another reason why I loved the place so much is because when we got the hotel and asked for a map they gave us this:

ImageReminded me of Richard in ‘The Beach’, I fell into the same trap as him…



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