The clown outside my window

The clown outside my window | Art Therapy with Kimberly

After a few nights of being awoken at about 4 am by a laughing clown outside my window I decide to inform my roommates.

They ask me if I’ve been reading too much Augusten Burroughs and am having nightmares. Yes, I tell them. I had a nightmare a clown was laughing outside my window and then woke up to it ACTUALLY HAPPENING. They look at me unconvinced. I tell them I will record it to prove it. As always at 4 am, the evil clown starts. I lift my phone up outside the window and record it.

As my hand is extended out the window I begin to realize that this repetitive evil laugh is actually a bird. I come home from work and my roomates say “it’s the kookaburra! That’s what makes the evil clown laugh!”

How nice. The ever so calming sound of a killer clown in the midst of the night. Birds fall into many horrible sounding categories in Australia: the one that sounds like a child who fell on its knee and screams “owwe!!”, the ones that meows like a cat, the one that sounds as if its slowly dying a painful death and screams in elongated growls, and now, the most recent one: evil clown laugh.

What is this place?!?

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